Official Launch… Wait for it…

TRAVIS’s blog, as in this thing that you’re currently on, will be officially launching in two weeks time to prepare for the upcoming academic year. All TRAVIS writers will gain access and will be tackling it like an Olympic wrestler (sorry, currently watching the opening ceremonies, I had to). The blog will constantly be updated with witticisms, written crying and photos of Heidi Klum. But seriously, the world, school and general topics that we think our audience will pine over will be covered quotidianly here. So, we thought that since the world is going to be paying attention to the Olympics — everything I have heard in the past two weeks are, “Bird’s Nest,” “Free Tibet,” “Communism,” and the occasional “Yao Ming” — we would hold off on the write-ups until we can have your full, concentrated attention. Pay attention, Johney, this blog will change your life, or maybe just your appreciation for leprechauns.

Are you ready?

Oh, and we bought the domain,, so you will be able to use that, which will redirect you here. Just so you know.

“There is no terror in a bang, only the anticipation of it.”  –Alfred Hitchcock

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