The beginning of the end.

Hi, it’s Nils. Is everyone content? Yes? Good then. 

I’m in class and should really be more attentive but i felt it necessary to deflower my virginal blogging status. So here it is. Vacuous and bland, fruitless and sporadic. Just a rant. An escapist outlet. Ephemeral release, etc, etc. I could be less abstruse and say BLOG but then that wouldn’t be me would it. It’s like a filter right. Sitting and sifting through this cerebral mess in hopes of discovery something of substance. Hitherto i’ve never been inclined to blogging. I can’t pay enough attention. I’m overtly desirous; studying everything fervently. Feverish, relentless – prodding, digging, pontificating, extrapolating. Never at ease. Continually at motion. The left side of my brain is in havoc. The right acutely dormant. I’ve done it this time. Please stop me before i lose it.


  1. Nils your smart.
    Love Creative Manager

  2. I love you ALL. ;)

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