The cookies have been enabled…

Four hours and two coffees later, here I am in all my TRAVIS glory ready to ramble on. This cookie business has completely changed the initial subject matter of my blog. When I first saw “Your cookies have not been enabled” I thought my macbook was making some sort of sexual innuendo towards me. But I figured it must be some sort of computer related problem. Now when I think of cookies, I think of a late night date with a glass of milk to dip-dap it in…but no. Even after consulting the closest computer whiz around me I still don’t fully understand what [cookies] is except that it blocks out certain websites, one being wordpress. Well all I have to say is HA! I’m in, ready to blog and slightly hungry for some oreos.

Moving on. I get quite easily frustrated with adobe programs and macbooks when they choose to be difficult on days where I genuinely need them. The only remedy to soothe these frustrations is music … but one soundtrack in particular. Good Morning Vietnam. I’ve never seen the movie nor do I know much about it except that Robin William stars in it, it takes place during the Nam war and his radioshow broadcasts are controversial. So I guess I know a bit more about it than I thought. Some tracks include him merely rambling on about nonsense yet it’s utterly hilarious. I only wish I could tolerate radio hosts like I can tolerate Robbie.

Anyways, here you go. Enjoy:


-Emily.Begin (Vegan with a B)

  1. haha dip-dap it in . Personally, i have never, and will never understand COOKIES. It’s like fully trying to comprehend every facet of the palestinian/israel conflict, our memorizing every maxim of buddhism, or trying to assimilate quantum physics, or attempting to comprehend the anarchy that transpires between my two ears. It’s NEVER EVER EVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

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