Here’s a Rant.

I’m going to be slothful and post something i have previously posted on FB. I wrote enough today. You guys might get a kick out of this… Enjoy. NILZY

I see Sara Palins robotic hand extended to the crowd, waving, smiling. 
Her bleached grin spread across an insipid face. Her eyes are unnerving.
Something is missing. As opposed to empirical reasoning, she reacts on pious impulse.
Anti-islamic, Anti-abortion, Anti-gay marriage, Anti- counterculture, Anti – demilitarization, Anti – live.
Pro- gun, Pro- theocracy, Pro- war, Pro- poison, Pro- evangelist. Prothetic, no. 
As i type a sweeping consternation appropriates my psyche. My viscera is held hostage by the terror of impending fascism. North America is approaching an epoch, which could transmute all we know.
I can see Harper shaking Mccains hand behind closed doors. Pockets gravid with blood money, imbued with corrupted virtues. 
The streets will dissolve into anarchy. Roving packs of left wing radicals will strike out at the foundation of establishment, smashing windows, looting everything, burning churches. 
Racial tension will erupt. Secularist groups will revolt. Hell will ascend from the centre of the earth, propagating indulgence and sin. 
Buildings will be spray painted with propaganda, autocrats will jog over the corpses of the condemned. Proletarian sects will overthrow all corporation, rationing food unequally, giving birth to further chaos. 
Canadian soldiers will be abducted, beheaded. The 666 will become sacrosanct in the minds of conservatives. Winds strong enough to fell concrete buildings will split the seams of the skies, blowing all creation into purgatory. Every bovine smirk on every vapid senator and mayor shall be blasted off by automatic weaponry. The missiles of the world will be deployed simultaneously, crossing paths and blasting in mid air. Obliterating the stars. George Bush will unzip his humanoid costume and reveal to the disenfranchised masses a reptilian man. Cold blooded. Avarice will supersede altruism. Inimical waves of tension will cause the fingers on the trigger to pull that one additional iota. Interminable genocide shall turn verdant forest to arid wasteland. Totalitarian Interdict shall subsume constitutional right. 
Obstreperous sentinels meander down alleys in search of homeless men to execute. Demarcations shall be placed around every home in every suburbia. Creating communication boundaries which shall cause billions of mini – inter community civil wars. 
Please vote Obama, Please vote Layton
Please vote Obama, Please vote Layton.

    • Darren
    • September 24th, 2008

    very good. I thought I was the only one who senses the inexorable doom just around the bend. It is comforting to know others share the same views on politics, both Canadian and American.


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