Time for some debates










A term flying around your head like an airplane around King Kong’s is “debates.” You have American, National and local debates happening around you. And no, just because we are talking politics doesn’t mean you can go running to the hills — that’s what bin Laden did. Stand up, Sheridan. Today, Friday, Oct. 3 is an all candidates debate at Trafalgar campus at 11 a.m. in ConneXion. Go. Listen. Speak.

Many students scoff and shrug their shoulders at elections — and typically rightfully so. However, apathy is not the way. You don’t have to be told that. You are the ones that will be adopting these policies in Canada, so move and put your thoughts into the bowl of punch. Swirl around your ideas with your friends. Challenge. Question. Make fun of Palin’s batshit crazy ideologies that Walt Disney envisioned. Just get the frick involved. It’s not hard. Pick up a newspaper, jump online — you have to admit, it’s hard not to get a glimpse or snippet on what’s going on out there in this uproarious political climate. I’m not saying to stomach it all, but I’m saying to educate yourself to make your own honest opinion. Don’t believe what I’m saying, I’m not asking you to. I’m asking you to think for yourself and come to your own conclusions on Dion’s Green Shift tax or Harper’s economic policies or lack thereof.

Don’t let technology and the media entrance you like a Kiss concert. Pay attention, assert yourself and question what you are hearing. I think I have repeated myself enough here. Now it’s your turn.


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