Late Night TV is going to Miss Him

You have all seen these clips. We are not professing that this is anything new. It’s just a reminder of how batshit crazy the leader of the world’s superpower really is. The following is the perfect reason why your president can’t be your girlfriend/boyfriend, because when they say something stupid, you can’t turn to them and say, “What are you? Retarded?” Because secret service will have you killed. Anyway, here’s a moment for you to reflect on and ask, “Wow, I can’t believe our beer buddy landed this job!”

Sarah Palin Prank Called, by… Canadians

And to salute the new, possible vice-president, you need to watch this video. Two Canadians, the Masked Avengers from Montreal prank call Sarah Palin pretending to be French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. Seriously, another batshit crazy individual (possibly) wandering into the Oval Office. P.s. It’s been supported by the Globe and Mail as factual.

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