Lessons learned

This will be random.
Lady Gaga … what are with all of these ridiculous stage names. Or…is that a stage name? I would look it up but I don’t want my google hits to contribute to her fame.
Kanye West is talented but it’s hard to aknowledge it due to his arrogance. His fads are ridiculous. (The mesh sunglasses pushed me over the top). He is the poster boy for the hipster kid. Speaking of hipsters, not impressed. I don’t understand why everyone always wants to look like everyone else. What happened to originality? This is why I despise American Apparel, Hollister and Urban Outfitters (to name a few) because it’s almost as if people go there to buy their entire wardrobe.

I was on the bus the other day and I don’t understand why people feel the need to claim a seat with their bag. My butt is more important than your bags. I find it so rude and kind of creepy because clearly this individual wants as little to do with the human race as possible and had to take the bus with no choice in the matter. Pick up your bag and let the withering old man with two sets of double bagged groceries sit down for gosh sakes. It’s most annoying when the bus is rammed with people and the dude with his bag on the seat looks around stunned while I give him a filthy look of disgust. COMMON COURTESY. It’s funny because I’ve talked to a lot of people about this in the past yet they do the same. Why don’t people speak up? What are people so afraid of? It’s this reoccuring mentality that “I don’t have to say something because someone else will.” But no, little one, because when everyone starts thinking that way, no one does anything. Kind of like when that guy was decapitated on the greyhound bus. It’s a tragedy, yes, but an infuriating one aswell because I will never understand how a bus filled with people could run off while someone is being attacked by one person. Fear maybe? Probably, it’s sad though.

I’m ranting, can you tell? It’s appropriate since the new issue of TRAVIS came out today. Jon Kennedy’s rant was my favourite. It reminded me of walking behind slow families in Wal-Mart. Hilarious work.

So kids, what did we learn today?
1)Kanye West’s talent is hard to enjoy due to his arrogance
2)Originality is scarce these days. (Even from the artsy fartsies)
3)Jon Kennedy’s rant was stellar.
4)Despite how “cool” they “are”, hipsters are ne’erdowells
(I’ll explain ne’erdowells next time)
5)Kanye West is the Queen B hipster dipster.
6)Don’t assume, speak up or else you might regret it when something bad happens and you are a witness to it.


P.S. Hopefully no one was offended in this blog. these are my opinions and it’s nothing personal. (excluding the not speaking up part)

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