How to follow today’s history making: A guide

Make sure you have a drink in your left hand. Make sure your heart rate is at a steady pace. (This pace is allowed to increase while Obama picks up the 270 needed electoral votes, however). A stress ball will be needed for when times get rocky. (A toad will work if you don’t have a stress ball in reach). A cool, damp cloth for your forehead when you break out in a cold sweet. A couple of McCain fans so that you can throw the toad at when McCain is defeated like America was in Iraq. Oh, and more than likely, you will warrant a TV. However, that Internet is pretty cool. Although you should never stomach everything CNN tells you, its website is pretty smokin’ for the election. See below. Anyway, we can all imaginarily hold hands as history rolls into place and we can take mental pictures tonight so that we can tell our grandchildren 40 years down the road the day that Obama was made the world’s “biggest deal.” Voting booths start to close around 7 p.m. tonight (the bulk closes at 9 p.m. and the final west coast booths close at approximately 11 p.m.) Let’s hold hands now.


Presidential Race via CNN

Presidential Race via CNN

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