Advertising is best done through Girl Talk

If you’ve heard Girl Talk (Mashup DJ Gregg Gillis) than you’ve probably wondered if his music is theft or art. It’s art.  If you haven’t heard it, just imagine a bunch of your favorite songs sampled together so well it makes you feel guilty because it occasionally upstages the originals. It’s not theft. He’s taken a ‘pay-what-you-like’ approach and the samples are incredibly small and distorted, it’s hard to say it should be illegal. Even if Girl Talk is one day able to sell out stadiums the fees to have up to 24 songs per track wouldn’t balance out.

Girl Talk – What’s It All About – Feed the Aniamls

I would argue that this is more advertising than anything else.  There’s not other possible way to hear so much music, in so short amount of time, produced so well that everyone loves it!  Record label’s should be paying this man.  All other corporate meatheads should be so lucky.

text by Scotty Mac

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