The environment ruined my Christmas.

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year. I enjoy the christmas lights, christmas food, the snow and the infectious excitement. However, I do not think this year will be as “Chistmasy” as any of my previous experiences. It came to me this weekend when it was announced that instead of getting a real christmas tree, my family will do away with the annual christmas tree selection process and buy a FAKE tree. I was/am/will forever be crushed by this decision. I have never had a fake Christmas tree before, and after I discovered that “the big guy” wasn’t real, Christmas trees were the only thing that made christmas feel authentic. Now, in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly, we decided to completely abolish any semblance of authenticity.


How many of you have a fake Christmas tree? How does living this lie make you feel?

Text by Savage

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