Sushi: Hip people eat it, naturally

You want to be hip? Listen to Janet Jackson, wear a fanny pack semi-ironically and eat sushi. Seriously, you instantly reign supreme in the yeah-I’m-a-cool-kid crowd. Trust us, oh and if you can talk at length about the social criticisms that Saved By the Bell unearthed, you will be even cooler. But the rawness of sushi makes you look trendy and in-the-know. So here are some spots that we looked into in Oakville for you to be in-the-know about.





















Tony Lee’s Kenki Sushi, eh? Never heard of it, but finding myself eerily amused by the name.

Due to the fact I had to deal with two separate routes on Oakville’s garbage transit system; I gave poor marks for location. If you have a friend with wheels, ask them to do you a solid.

I walked through the door of my destination to be greeted by warm smiles and hellos from the staff. I was immediately seated and served green tea so hot I felt the need to examine the cup, wondering if it was some kind of magic treasure from Asia. The menu and placemats appeared to be created in Microsoft Publisher – or equivalent – but lead me to believe I wasn’t about to be gouged. Confirmation achieved when I saw the 16-piece Kenki Maki Special for only $8.99. That’s like 56.7 cents apiece! Meso soup was on the house too, making me feel like the Queen of England at this point.

Now I was hoping for a festive garden display on my plate, with fake grass and perhaps a carrot carved like a rabbit when my meal was served, but just sushi. Again, at the price I was about to pay, I was still being spoiled.

I examined my maki (sushi roll) taking notice of the precision craftsmanship. One can determine this for themselves by dunking a piece into the soy and observing its structural integrity. If it immediately falls apart on soy contact, there’s a high degree of certainty that the sushi chef is either an apprentice… or not of Japanese or Korean decent.

By this time my once searing hot tea was now cool enough drink entirely, only to be filled right back up, and without even asking. Service Factor: 10. I was pretty full from my meal, and as a result was experiencing “the itis” or “digestion sleepys” resulting in my request for the bill. Unfortunately they didn’t take credit card, thus robbing me from a potential 12 Visa points, but debit thankfully was an option.

Tony, the chef and owner, who introduced himself as I enjoyed my meal, appeared to take great satisfaction out of my enjoyment of the meal. I appreciate a man who takes pride in his creations. Both Tony, and his wife, who was also my server, were genuinely kind and gracious hosts, making my dinning experience a memorable one.

text by ryanedgar

    • katch
    • January 21st, 2010

    I agree. the service there is incredible. they actually may be the nicest people on earth.

    • Dave
    • July 22nd, 2010

    Maybe giving the exact address would help? Saying you had to take 2 bus routes means it could be literally anywhere in town.

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