Off Campus Hot Spots

Trafalgar Campus Vicinity: haunts, dives, tattoo shops and cinemas

Monaghan’s Pub, 1289 Marlborough Court – For decades, Monaghan’s has been a staple in the lives of students who eschew academia for booze and wings. Located a stones throw from the SCAET building steps, (literally, I’ve thrown rocks from the school and hit the green sign) this “classic” sports bar offers all the conventional pub food and fare. The menu is reasonably priced. Even students broke to the point of panhandling in front of Tim Horton’s with filthy coffee cups can enjoy an occasional plate of fries.

Way Cool Tattoos, 77 Lakeshore Rd. W. – If you place credence in salespeople who stand by their product, then you should have no problem entrusting your flesh to the inky needles of the artists at Way Cool. With staff so laden with tattoos they mirror graffiti riddled train cars, Way Cool is one of the premier ink dens in western Ontario.

AMC 24 Theatres, 2081 Winston Park Dr. – A breakdown for the less imaginative/experienced reader: AMC is a movie theatre. 24 cinemas are located inside the building. New age projectors flash images across the expansive screens, which then enter the twisted passages of your brain and implore you to partake in terrible acts against humanity. Also, Tuesday is cheap movie night. Use your student card to get discounts at any time.

The King’s Arms, 323 Church Street – This pub is what Americanized “British” bars nationwide should strive to be: dim lit, overly packed and affably staffed with a patronage drunk enough to forget their own names and sexual orientation. The King’s Arms offers a bevy of alcoholic refreshments to complement your curried chicken and rice. A DJ spins live every Saturday night offering ironic foreshadowing. Because by Sunday morning, your head will be spinning at three times the speed of his records.

Oakville Place, Trafalgar Rd. & the QEW – With myriad shops offering products and services ranging from skateboards to eyebrow waxing, Oakville Place is a reprieve from the books and an assault on the credit card. The annual farmers market is held in the main parking lot on September 11th. Feel free to purchase lustrous, supple heads of lettuce. This writer will.

Davis Campus Vicinity: haunts, dives, cafes and cinemas

Chapters, 52 Quarry Edge Dr. – Initially, I was going to dig up the most obscure, clandestine used bookstore I could find and give It a home on this list, but why? Chapters is the quintessence of book retail. They have nearly everything book-wise and anything they don’t have can be ordered in. Enjoy the proliferating collection of Steven King masterpieces, or brush up on sadism with some Marquise de Sade.

Clancy’s Sports Bar, 456 Vodden St. – The online write-up for Clancy’s states, “Go to where everybody knows your name!” Well, don’t expect to see a middle-aged Ted Danson behind the bar popping caps off frosty Budweiser’s while entertaining the regulars with sardonic quips. However, what can be expected are cheap bottles of domestic beer every Wednesday. Cheers.

Jack’s Backyard, 30A Kennedy Rd. – Unwind after a long, arduous week at the infamous Jack’s Backyard. Where top 40 hits rip through the speakers of the club and reverberate through the thinning walls of your eardrums. Get there early, so you can stay until it’s near daybreak and drink your liver rotten.

Symposium Café, 150 Great Lakes Dr. – The word symposium is defined as a conference or a meeting to discuss a specific subject. Convene with friends at this quaint, comfortably furnished locale for breakfast to rant about the previous evenings’ debauchery.

text by nils blondon

A version of this article originally ran in the September Issue of TRAVIS Magazine.

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