Call to Arms: Submissions

AS YOU CAN WELL SEE, TRAVIS has had a bit of a facelift. The Botox was injected, the incisions were made and the outcome, well, looks pretty, right? What do you think? Let us know. Yeah, really, please comment. We like comments, and truthfully, it makes us cry on the inside and outside when we don’t get messages. On the note of you, actually, we would like to profile some of your work online, Sheridan. Are you working on an art piece, documentary or photo essay? We would love to show your work off to other students and online predators. Why not right? What about a collection of poetry, collection of photos of your beloved grandma? Or, what about a new illustration of something cool and hip, like Batman or Vince Vaughn. Seriously, we’ll profile your work online. 

So, leave us a comment and how to contact you to showcase your work. Get the word out there. You can even link it from your Facebook profile or whatnot. Think about that. It’s always discouraging how much talent is really out there, but that so much of it is never seen, heard or watched. This also makes us cry on the inside and outside. So, let us know what you’re up to.

Oh, and really, we’re quite self-conscious at TRAVIS, so do you like the new aesthetic of the website? Well, do you?


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