Rock Your Vote, Sheridan

“Sheridan student meet ballot, ballot meet Sheridan student,” was an article that ran last year in TRAVIS. It highlighted the importance of voting in a democracy. More than this, it highlighted voter apathy amongst Canadians. In last year’s Student Union student elections only 880 votes were cast, which in turn, means that 12,120 students did not vote. To put this into a percentage, which everyone seems to like, the voter turnout was a whopping 8%. With the federal election this past fall setting a new standard in voter apathy with a 51% voter turnout, what does it mean to have the ability to vote? Sheridan Student Union decided to take a new approach to this year’s election. We made a Rock Your Vote video. 

Eyeing up the wonders of YouTube and being inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Don’t Vote videos, we created the Rock Your Vote short. It’s up to you to make it viral. But more than this, to listen to its message. With dedication from SU staff and regular Sheridan students, we sought to show the power of voting, even if you find student elections unappealing. See it here and then pass it on to five friends. Or five zombies. We don’t care. Copy and past this URL on Facebook profiles, blogs, myspace, twitter, MSN, e-mail subject headings or attach it to a carrier pigeon. Even if you don’t go to Sheridan, which is cool, I guess, just take a second to think about what a democracy really means. Oh, damn, I always digress. Here’s the URL:

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