Nightlife Reviews: Zu Bar

Let’s face it: The nightlife in Oakville is less than stellar. There are plenty of pubs to choose from, a couple martini bars and, of course, ConneXion, which is definitely one of the hottest college bars out there. But if you are looking for a fresh club scene with good music and a great atmosphere, your best bet is to hit the entertainment district in downtown Toronto. But for those of you, who prefer not to venture long distances in snow squalls for a little action, why not try Zu? Located in Burlington, the recently opened Zu Bar promises to deliver the downtown vibe you’re searching for. 

Click on article to see print version

Click on article to see print version

Having seen my fair share of clubs, the largely overplayed IKEA furniture is getting old. And these days it seems some places think chandeliers and curtains are all it takes to create a feeling of class. My desire for a change was satisfied with the decor at Zu. Surrounded by animal prints, dark, romantic shades of red, brown and black, the idea for the club name isn’t lost even on the most intoxicated of patrons. For women, those hot animal prints hitting the runway this season have found a place. For men, enjoy the view, and maybe bring a leash.

The number one reason most people are into clubs vs. pubs is the music. If you are anything like me, you love a place that plays the best dance tracks that can keep you on the dance floor for hours. There is nothing worse than a hot house set suddenly interrupted by a flashback to the Backstreet Boys.  The great thing about Zu is definitely the music. Friday night features DJ Crunch and Saturday night features DJ Undercover spinning the hottest club tracks. Combined with a huge dance floor, the vibe is sure to help you release your primal instinct. Whatever that means.

For a special occasion, I definitely recommend bottle service. Not only are they affordable on a diva-on-a-dime budget, but they comfortably hold your whole entourage without the feeling of being on top of someone. Service is quick, and the staff at Zu is exceptional with their treatment of VIP clientele.  

The only downfall is the bathroom. While I can’t speak for the men’s, the women’s washroom could be a little larger, and the line up is usually brutal. But with three large indoor bars and one large patio bar, it takes less time to line up for a drink than it does for the bathroom.  Insider’s secret: there are more yet-to-be discovered bathrooms downstairs.

Rumour has it DJ AM, who survived that horrific plane crash with Travis Barker last summer, is said to be headlining his first Canadian appearance since the crash sometime in 2009. Don’t worry; we will keep our ears to the ground for you.

text by sarahfowler

A version of the article originally appeared in the print version of the Photography Issue, printed in January.

    • Anonymous
    • October 18th, 2011

    This is the worst bar in the history of worst bars.

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