From the Editor’s Desk

Chances are you are not going to read this. Sure, you are going to check out our credit photos and the design, but reading this will be reserved for, say, 20 per cent of you. And that’s okay, it doesn’t hurt my Herculean ego, it just proves that we are all products of our society. More than that, it just gives us reason to showcase a lot of photography in this issue while trimming back the hedges of writing.

Click on article to view print version.

Click on article to view print version.

Let’s be honest here. The first time that you broke the spine of a TRAVIS issue, you didn’t sit down next to your grandfather clock and read every sentence, inspecting its grammatical integrity. I can say with 95 per cent certainty that you flipped page to page like a cat all nimbly-bimbly from tree to tree looking at the pictures. Like a 4-year-old, you perused every picture and illustration the magazine had to offer before deciding if you would take the time to check out an article. And after doing so, you probably said: “Wow, this is a student-run magazine?” We don’t blame you.

The point is: You are more attracted to images than words. But that – at its fundamental core – is how a magazine works. You flip through the publication looking to see either (a) an appealing photo (b) a headline containing buzz words like sex, Coldplay or Obama or, (c) all three together. But don’t believe me, close your eyes and look at any magazine, web page or Jonas Brothers poster; more than likely, you zoomed in on an image before glancing at any text. As a culture people, we are attracted to aesthetics, because, quite simply, we connect with them easier than written words at first glance. It’s not that we are lazy, or on second thought, maybe it is.

Due to our generations’ time distractors like cellphones, YouTube, iPods, TV and, of course, any and all Web pages, we never stop shifting our peepers from one visual stimulus to another. When was the last time, for instance, you were able to read a novel cover to cover in one sitting? If recently, I applaud you, Luddite.  We never stop long enough to concentrate on something longer than the length of a Perez Hilton blog entry or totality of a Fall Out Boy music video. We consume visuals at such an unprecedented rate today, that in order to keep up, the future is going to be a visual judo chop to the, well, chops. If you get the chance, think about it.

Oh, and since we are talking visuals, a little heads up: the February issue is about sex. Yep, we are going there. Hope you come along for that journey.

text by ryan bolton, editorial commander

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