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When searching for new music, we tend to only give a new song, say, 30 seconds before we make judgment. It’s not always fair, but that’s what we do. Now, go listen to any Foals song – any song – and give it 30 seconds. You’ll have the album the next day. The ability to blend genres, yet stay alternative and unique are now synonymous with Foals – the horse, not the band. Songs of interest: “Balloons,” “Olympic Airwaves,” and “Cassius.” Do you have 30 seconds?

Franz Ferdinand

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

When taking 18 months to create something, it must be nerve-racking come time to release it. That is, unless they are delivering gold and you know it. This is the case for Franz Ferdinand’s new album, Tonight. The bass lines channel the songs. They lyrics are still erudite, but the ability to make you move your body is uncanny. Making post-punk alternative “dancy” with the help of well-placed Electronica and African influences is stellar. Songs of interest: “Ulysses,” and “Lucid Dreams.”



As a young boy, K’Naan grew up in lawless Somalia circled by AK-47s and death. His sophomore album, Troubadour channels his true feelings of his birthplace with songs like, “Somalia” and “ABC’s”. Cutting lyrics deliver the listener face to face with K’Naan’s insight. Recorded in Jamaica at Bob Marley’s legendary home studio, appearances by Damien Marley and Mos Deff grace this album that truly ties real Africa war stories with hip-hop.



So you like M.I.A. and all the nifty electronica music hitting the scene recently. Well, if you haven’t heard of Santogold (now known as Santigold, actually), she will fit in perfectly to your “I-like-this-stuff” repertoire. Her beats are unique, vocals are touching and impactful. Seriously, give her a chance. Songs of interest: “L.E.S. Artistes,” “Lights Out” and the remix with Jay-Z, “Brooklyn We Go Hard.” 

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