The Trews Play Unplugged Version of “Paranoid Freak” at Sheridan

Hunting around on the interweb, we found a video of interest. The Trews, the four-time Juno-nominated Nova Scotian rockers, were at Sheridan not too long ago to play an unplugged set before they shipped off for big international tour. As such, we found this well-done video lurking around of the band playing at Sheridan’s Connexion bar. The song, “Paranoid Freak” was The Trew’s second single off of No Time for Later. Take a peek.

Esquire’s “Mix & Match” Cover = Cool

Whilst stumbling around the Internet, we also found another reason to love Esquire just that much more. After their trendsetting E-ink cover, which marked the magazine’s 75th anniversary, we were already idolizing the magazine. Now, they have done it again in an infantile-slash-suave kind-of-way. Check out May’s “Mix & Match” cover. It’s all awesome, but we’re just not sure about the banjo music. What’s with that, Esquire

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