TRAVIS’ Style Guide: Dressing for Success

As graduation nears, we give you the TRAVIS guide to entering the workforce. How to land the interview, dress down for Casual Friday and grab a martini with the coworkers. And how to look smart while doing so.

Click to view the print version of our style guide.

Click to view the print version of our style guide.

Now, more than ever, is the time to dress the part. Sitting down for that interview will no longer allow for that slight mustard stain on your lapel. It just won’t do. There is way too much competition these days.

Ladies and gentlemen, remember these three words: Professional, sophisticated and unique. For ladies, you can interchange unique for sexy, if you prefer.

When dressing for the office, do it right: Go all out. Make sure that shirt is ironed, pants pleated, tie eye-catching, and overall, everything fits snugly. (You shouldn’t be able to fit a fist inside of a buttoned jacket.)

All of this, of course, means get a suit. You might have been able to get away without having a solid suit thus far, but enough is enough. Get the suit. Ladies, that means pant suit. Just one solid suit with a couple interchangeable collared shirts and ties can go a long way. More than this, however, one way to stand out is via spit-shined shoes and belts. Little accessories can transform a mundane suit. Make sure they match, though.

Now that you landed the job – thanks is due to the suit, remember –let’s look to casual Friday. Many myths surround this day as if it were North Korea. Casual Friday is simply a day that you don’t have to wear the tie, high heels and pleated pants. You should make sure your shirt still has a collar, however. Think polo shirt and khakis. You can still bring tons of style to this somewhat-Civvies day. Spice up your outfit with a personalized touch like a watch or loafers. (White Italian leather loafers always awesome, except after Labour Day, of course.)

Since you are comfortable in your job (and suit) you’re now ready to go out for a drink after work with some coworkers at the local martini lounge. We’re sure you have all been out to a bar/club/pub/lounge before, so dress up for this occasion. Call ahead to the bar and ask for the dress code. From there, you want to show your coworkers that you have some unique style so bring some punch. Show some colour. Wear some light makeup with some strong eye makeup. Like a photograph, always give yourself a focus point. Think bowler hat, purple skinny tie, silk pocket square or patterned scarf. Just do it in a way that screams you and maybe a little: “Hey, look, I’m comfortable and well-dressed. Want to dance?”TRAVIS' Style Guide

If you’re completely lost, pick up a fashion magazine. They always have pointers for dressing the part in whatever situation. Guys, check out GQ, Esquire and Canada’s own men’s magazine, Sharp. Ladies, lean towards Vanity Fair, Nylon and Flare. Please try to resist Cosmopolitan’s juicy sex tips.

So jump on the common sense train. Get that suit into your wardrobe. Make sure your shoes are scuff-free. Find a tie or pair of pumps that are you. But remember: Dress the part. Which really means: Professional, sophisticated and unique.

text by ryanbolton, editor

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