Bored? Good Check This Out

Since I only have your attention for probably, oops, I probably lost you, but for the three of you checking this out, I have something special for you. Why? Because you’re still reading, that’s why. No matter, first things up is something that makes us wet our pants at TRAVIS — not because we’re scared, but because we’re that excited. Don’t ask. Anyway, since everyone flirts with skateboarding when they’re young — even if that meant hopping on one and then falling directly on your ass — everyone can appreciate a good film about going extreme. And here is the video for all of you with even the slightest tingling of interest. Just watch, then jump back on that skateboard. It’s X Games 3D: The Movie and because it’s so sweet, it’s only in theatres for a week. Now looking at this, that’s just sad. But then again, the critically-acclaimed Inglourious Basterds is also launching at the same time. Figures.

Next up are a couple bands that are sure to see big things this year, Phoenix and Passion Pit. They are not similar otherwise than being both sonically solid in the way that anyone with musical interest will take note. Which means, dear reader, take notes. First, check out Pheonix’s video for “Lisztomania.” Also check out their summer rocker, “1901.” Actually, scratch that, the whole CD is great.

And lastly, this band just did a DJ set at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto and are getting huge. There’s a reason for this… they’re this summer’s MGMT for sure. See why here with their big tune, “Sleepyhead.” It helps that this video is neat.


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