Girl Talk, My Laundry, and My Double Sweater.

A few things that are important to you, and a few things that are not.

I don’t know about you, but I love the band Girl Talk, and I would love to bring him to Sheridan.

“But but but, but Travis, I’ve never heard of Girl Talk!”

Wait just a second, of course you have! Girl Talk is a one man band, a mash-artist who takes inspiration from thousands of different songs, cuts, pastes, and forms the ultimate party CD. The songs are clever, and catchy as hell.

Plus his CD is free. Yup, free. It’s free for anyone on the internet.

Head over to the Girl Talk myspace. Hit that pink link on the myspace, and pay what you want.

I paid zero dollars about a year ago, because well, I love free stuff. Download it, listen, dance.

Girl Talk live is a sweaty stinky dance party and I think him and Connexion would get along famously.

If you want to bring Girl Talk to Sheridan you have to swing over to and vote.


Sorry for the caps lock, it happens sometimes.

As for my laundry, I now smell fresh and clean. However on Friday I lost both my favorite sweaters at once. Both! How did this happen? Well I doubled them up because it’s getting chilly on campus, and then left them in my A/V class.

So to the sweater swiper, I want you to know that my girlfriend bought me that sweater for my 21st birthday.

You are as cold as ice.

If anyone finds it you officially make the month of October the best month of my life.

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