The Learning Commons Fight

This is an account of what I have heard of facts and rumors from students and journalists at Sheridan Oakville. Lets get this straight, this is a blog, this is for your entertainment. No names will be used.

Here we go.

So you may of heard, this past Tuesday, at around 1:00 pm a fight broke out between a student, and what I have heard to have been a 22 year old man in the learning commons. Nobody really knows what the argument was about, but apparently the argument was started by the non-Sheridan student.

“Somebody stop this!” a learning commons staff yelled out as one man began to wrap an Ethernet cord around the neck of another man.

In front of hundreds of students, in the very center of the learning commons at probably the busiest hour of the day, the two wrestled each other to the floor. Thrown to the floor, another man who will remain nameless, grabs the first thing he can see, a stapler.

A goddamn stapler.

Raising it to the air, the stapler slammed down on the head of the other man. Once, twice, three times.

The blood began to pour.

The stapler connected with the forehead of the man on the ground for another 15 times.

People in the commons stared, some couldn’t look away. Others left the commons, they couldn’t believe what was happening.

Like watching a car accident, no student stopped the fight. Nobody stepped in until police and security broke it up.

Broken up after 15 strikes to the head.

What a world we live in.

The questions that arise, security? What happened? Were you caught off guard? Where were you? Explain to me what happened.

Why did it take 15 strikes to the head of a stapler to break up a fight?

Who is this other man? Why are you here at Sheridan?

Is this gang related?

Who wants answers? Who saw this?

    • Amanda Mersereau
    • October 8th, 2009

    Didn’t see this, sounds horrible.

    Makes me feel insecure about the safety of our school.

    Could this have happened to anyone? Or was it gang related?

    Either way, measures need to be taken in ensuring immediate response to incidents such as these.

    • Sabrina Hope
    • October 9th, 2009

    Did anybody help the student?

    Why didn’t anybody help?

    • Stephanie Solda
    • October 9th, 2009

    Also if anyone would like to be quoted in the Sheridan Sun and Sun Online about how they feel about how you feel/don’t feel safe in the school. Let me know, there will be an article on student reactions next week.

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