Travis Meets Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die and Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon

Keith and BlakeTo the left is the happiest moment of Blake’s life. This is also probably one of the worst pictures I have ever taken. You should see mine, even worse. That is Kieth Buckley, which we had the great pleasure of sitting down with and chatting about music and old songs that they never play. Their bass player sat awkwardly in the corner of the room eating chicken, and Andy Williams busted into the room to show off his prescription aviators.

As for Oli Sykes, well we didn’t ask for a picture of him. We waited around with ETID’s new drummer for an hour before Sykes took the time to sit with us. Surprisingly enough, Sykes was probably the nicest guy I’ve ever interviewed. Blake and I were shocked, we were prepared to interview this douche bag sex symbol yet he sat down with us and answered every question as seriously as possible. I have a completely different perspective of BMTH after talking to Sykes, a bit more respect too.

Sykes walked into the room with probably six girls just following him around, and he even told us that he doesn’t sleep around, and he has a girlfriend. Odd, so very odd.

Anyways, fun day, a lot of sitting and waiting on people, positive experience. Oh and Blake got a new leather jacket the day after the concert, how bad-ass is that?

    • Blake Dillon
    • October 14th, 2009

    So bad-ass. That’s how bad ass.
    How dare you put that awful photo of me up there.
    Hahaha, good day.
    Great day.

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