Swine Flu and You, A Sheridan Perspective on H1N1

Panic is starting to take over as more H1N1 cases start to pour into Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

The Star is reporting that Sick Kids is seeing a spike in swine cases, similar to what would be seen in peak flu season which is later in the year.

With the death 13-year-old Evan Frustaglior from Toronto, and 10-year-old Vanetia Warner of Cornwall, parents are becoming concerned of flu symptoms at home. Exactly what has been reported is happening, younger children and the elderly are affected the most from the virus.

So is it time to panic? Well, maybe, but Sheridan students need to focus on being clean and taking precautions. Hand-sanitizer, not sharing drinks, maybe holding off on hooking up with that sketchy girl from Halloween Pub are all solid choices.

You should also keep in mind that vaccines will be rolling out shortly prioritized to those who need it the most.

Symptoms of H1N1:
* sudden onset of fever
* headache
* chills
* muscle aches
* physical exhaustion
* dry cough with subsequent onset of sore throat, stuffy or runny nose and worsening cough

The most important point is that if you are sick, fucking stay home. Don’t come to class, just watch some Two and A Half Men re-runs.

Also Sheridan students should check their email for a neat email regarding the process on reporting your own sickness. No doctors note is required.

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