Branding, Goals, and Expensive Scotch

I was told that today journalism it’s all about branding yourself.

You have to become an expert on something and market yourself accordingly.

I have a goal.

Genetics and experience either puts a bag on your head, or dresses you up and teaches you the game plan.

I’m in this mode where I’m hungry. I’m hungry to improve. I want to nail down a brand and make an image, become natural at being who I really am, my image. I want to be a modern Ernest Hemingway.

I want people to think I project an air of confidence, control. I want to be able to speak on a variety of topics. I don’t want to be some know-it-all prick that wants to get his two-cents in because he needs to be validated. I don’t care; if there’s no one to talk to about this, I want to know these things for myself.

I want to keep up with the news, and culture, and fashion.

I want to be that guy in the Dos Equis commercial, but I don’t want to have to drink Dos Equis.

I have some homework for you. You get that little window into my life, and I want something back. What is a classy man’s magazine? What did Hemingway read? I’ve narrowed it down, but I’m open to suggestions.

GQ or Esquire? Rolling Stone or Spin? Playboy or Hustler? Okay that last one was a joke.

Anyways, I have a lot of sail boating to be doing, a large fish to be catching, and some expensive scotch to be drinking,

Bryan Myers

    • Lindsey B
    • November 28th, 2009

    Esquire or Men’s Journal are for the classiest guys, according The Art of Manliness website.

    Men’s mags are rated on intellectual content, informative articles and visually exciting photography. I would go for GQ if you’re looking for the occasional topless chick, though.

    You’ve got a head start with the classy beard and glasses, anyway.

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