Social Code Unplugged @ Sheridan

In case you haven’t heard, Social Code while be gracing us with their acoustic melodies this upcoming Tuesday at noon in Connexion, free of course to all Sheridan students.

The hard rockers are excited to come and play some campfire style tunes for the Sheridan student body, and are happy to play in a town that they have visited many times, but never performed in.

“We’re stoked. We open our show up with an acoustic song every time we play and it’s going to be interesting to see how our songs translate to the acoustic guitar,” Travis Nesbitt said, front-man of Social Code.

The band originates from Edmonton, Alberta and have been touring extensively in support of their new record, Rock n’ Roll.

“This record is a lot more straight ahead rock and roll. We wanted to focus on that. We always were a straight rock band, so we wrote a straight rock record. The first two records had at times, a dash of punk rock. We just wanted to focus on one aspect of the band.”

Their most recent record came from the roots of their musical tastes. The band took influence from The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppling, The Black Crows, and other classic rock and roll artists to create their new record.

Nesbitt has a passion for playing to an audience, but he explained that the longer he has been in the band, that he is beginning to have more fun in-studio, recording with his band mates.

“I used to love playing live more than anything. I still love it immensely, it’s great to get on stage and it’s been the number one drive for me. We had a lot more fun in the studio this time. We were all on the same page for this record. It was really just five guys hanging out and making music that we love to make. It just felt great to be there.”

The band has been busy the last few years with multiple tours on their hands

“We are on a tour called The Fire and Ice Tour right now, it combines freestyle snow-cross with music. We played Saskatoon last weekend in front of a couple thousand people,” Nesbitt said. “The stage is in the middle of floor, and on of both sides of the stage is kicker-ramps with snowmobiles doing back-flips and stuff. It’s off the hook,” he said.

Nesbitt described the incredible choreography incorporated into their show and explained that the band will be going through some downtime in December to spend time with their families. After that, the plan is to keep on touring in January.

“I cant wait to get back in the studio and put out another record, but at the same token i’m excited to be on the road,” Nesbitt said. “You could say that I’m loving the whole thing right now.”

Catch Social Code Unplugged @ Noon in Connexion on November 17


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