The Myers Family

It’s become kind of a family tradition to go to see The Trans-Siberian Orchestra every year.

I eagerly accept going, but realize on the way there what is going to happen. I’m going to sit through the same three laser-filled hours as the previous year, with my sister restlessly wriggling beside me. My mom loves it though, every year.

I hope when I have kids, I drag them to shows with me.

I love my family’s quirks. My mom invited me to play World Of Warcraft with her the other day. She has a level 65 character, and runs a Guild with my entire immediate family in it. I plan to join it soon. It’s funny though; she let my eight-year-old sister name the guild from a fantasy novel my mom was reading.

I know this is just a portrait into my weird future.

When I was growing up, my mom and I had to share the Super Nintendo. Being parental figure, she dictated when I was allowed to play. Needless to say, she beat the Legend of Zelda years before I even got to the Dark World.

When Animal Crossing came out, my mom bought a second Gamecube, dedicated for playing this game. She claimed an entire town for herself and collected everything. She’s one of the elite few that has completed that game.

As for my abilities, I’d say I’m pretty damn good.

Gotta go now, guild duties.

Bryan Myers

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