The LAN Party

You either know, or you don’t know.

Back in the 9th grade networking a bunch of computers together to play video games was serious business. Wireless didn’t exist; it was all hubs, routers, and Ethernet cables. It was great though. I had to convince my parents to let me go to these things since they didn’t really understand what was going on in the basement of so and so’s house. Maybe they thought LAN was slang for drugs, sex, and alcohol. There was none of that, only the true and proud nerds.

So let me explain.

We pack up our desktop computers, throw our monitor in the back seat of our parent’s minivan, set it up in a friends basement, and play Starcraft all night. We would also swing by Daisy Mart and pick up a two-four of Redbull. The games we played varied of course, but Starcraft seemed to be the one universal game that we could all load onto all of our computers. Not everyone had the latest Pentium processor, or custom water-cooling for maximum over-clockage.

The appeal of staying up late was just too much fun. The best LAN party I ever went to had about 12 of us all squished together in one room. There was cords everywhere, the nerds were united together in a an epic non-stop party.

By the time I lost 13 rounds of Starcraft, the evening turned into a stinky slumber party of chips and Cheesies, passed out dudes all of the place, and wiring tangled between our feet. We all curled up into our little spaces, passed out with our jaw hanging low, the glow of our monitors keeping the room warm.

You could try and imitate one of these things today. But it just wouldn’t be the same. Everyone has laptops now, everyone has wireless routers, and we are no longer are true and proud, for there is no longer Redbull running through our veins.

Those were the days.

    • Kinjal
    • November 18th, 2009

    We still have LAN parties at my university, where we cram in 60 or so people, all wired up, all geekily playing a game, in a tiny room, lots of redbull and crisps and the place always looks like a bombsite at the end of the weekend :P. Its pretty awesome.

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