Living With Lions @ The Kathedral

Me, Dyl, and JT decided to lurk around Toronto and hit up a show at The Kathdral.

This is my beef with Big Bop concerts, the expensive beers. Seven dollar tall boys? You have to be kidding me. I’m already pissed off, great start.

Ok, so after one band I want a beer, so I walk up to the ATM, press the right buttons and I’m greeted with, “Welcome to the Big Bop.” Oh thanks.

“A $3.50 charge will be placed on your account.”

What, the over-priced beer wasn’t enough? You people there are terrible at what you do, and need to re-think your strategy.

Oh, and I was charged for water, great. Thanks guys, fuck you.

I Am Committing A Sin was pretty good, seen them a couple times now, good for what it is and they are catchy without re-hashing everything else in the scene.

Brighter Brightest, We Came As Romans, what the fuck? Ok so lets take a bunch of genres, actually lets take every genre of the moment and mash them together. Auto-tune vocals, breakdowns: lots of them, guitar swings, unison head banging, and bass drops, squish it together, then do a cover of I’m On a Boat. Did I mention v-necks down to your belly button? Got to have those.

Fucking terrible, what the fuck are you doing? Do you even respect yourself? Sure you have a bunch of 16 year old hipsters who ransacked the local American Apparel, but your music sucks. Jesus, oh, and We Came As Romans, the headlining band does encores, not you. Fuck off already.

On a positive note, these two bands, for what they are, sound pretty good live. If your into of the moment bands and love throwing your arms in circles and getting tough in the pit, then sure, go nuts.

One band was on before Living With Lions, I don’t remember their name, that’s how memorable they were.

As for the headliner Living With Lions, they were pretty good. Fun set, congrats to all the douche-bag hipsters you draw, but really fun punk with enough stage dives and pile ups to keep everyone happy.

Again, if the beer was cheaper, I wouldn’t be swearing so much right now. Cheers to the sound guy for making a bunch of shit bands sound pretty darn good.










Click the image to check out more from BC natives Living With Lions.

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