Top Five Goalie Fights

After watching the last few Leaf games, I’ve decided that sitting on Youtube is way more fun than actually watching them play. Poor buggers.

So lets enjoy the phenomenon that is the goalie fight.

5. Neil Little Vs. Ray Emery

Little decides to get airborne, which makes no sense at all, but results in an amazing Youtube video. Godspeed Little buddy.

4. Hextall Vs. Potvin

Hextall lets loose on Potvin, giving it to him and letting out a little pent up aggression. I wish Toskala would unleash the furry on some poor old souls, instead of sulking with reporters.

3. Osgood Vs. Roy

Despite Osgood being such a classy player, he mingles with Roy in this classic matchup. This is good stuff, reminds me of the olden’ days.

2. Ray Emery Vs. The Buffalo Sabers

A more recent fight, Emery shows just how crazy he really is, smiling before he drops the gloves with Biron and another player on the ice. Hilarious.

1. Cloutier Vs The New York Islanders

After laying out Salo, he continues to slam him with punches, even after Salo has covered his head with his hands. After finally backing off he decides to give the Islanders bench a piece of his mind. Chill bro, everything is going to be ok.

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