The Cubby Jackson Chronicles: Karaoke

“Wait why are you writing this down?” Cullen asked.

“Well Cullen, this shit is brilliant,” I responded.

“Oh, well then.”

He slid the zong across the table.

Cullen didn’t really know what to say. See one of the funniest things about this whole blog fiasco is that Cullen has no idea I’m writing about him. He doesn’t frequent the blog, and to be honest, I don’t really mind. So much more fun this way.

But when he does find out; Cullen I’m sorry. Think of this all as a compliment.

I clicked away on my Ipod touch, I was writing down Cullen’s karaoke play-list. About two nights ago Cullen got on his bike and rode to a local bar to participate in an evening of song and dance. I say good for him, the guy needs to get out a bit more. I hear he has been playing quite a bit of Dr.Mario, which is a good game I’ll add.

He went to the bar and busted out some of his singing skills. I’ve heard him sing before. One time when Cullen worked at a small coffee house in Georgetown, I sneaked into the place without him knowing and he was singing folk tunes at the top of his lungs.

His singing isn’t the best, but it could be much worse. I take it back, its not that bad.

So this is his play-list.

1. The man opens up with Sweet Caroline. Good opener song, gets the crowd going right?

2. No Time by the Guess Who. He is warmed up and ready to really work the vocal chords.

3.One Week by The Bare Naked Ladies. Now we are talking! I asked him if people at the bar got into this one, he said they cheered during the super fast rhythm of that guy who is Canadian and got busted with Cocaine. Your just showing off now Cullen!

4. Something by The Beatles. Now Cullen is just whipping out the classic songs, good choice my friend.

5. Your Song by Elton John. He ends up it all up with this great encore from the guy who sang Rocket Man and lives in Caledon with his “partner.”

Not so bad Cullen. He drank, had fun, chewed the fat, you know all that fun stuff. Then he rode his bike home, most likely drunk.

When I turned on the TV this morning Cullen left the closed captioning on. He isn’t hard of hearing or anything, but Victoria just thinks he likes to know what’s going on. He does this often and she doesn’t really to understand this Cullen-ism, I think it’s brilliant.

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