Tumblr, London, Drinking

Still trying to get over the Leafs win last night, the bar exploded with, “Leafs for the cup!”

That’s a lie, but yeah, go Leafs go right?

I’m watching a YouTube video of Victoria’s friend Cam, he is very drunk, it’s entertaining. She won’t let me post it, but he is very drunk.

Apparently Travis has a bit of a London following nowadays. Katie, you told me not to write about you, but I am, har har har. Your dance moves are fly.

I’ve been introduced to the world of Tumblr, I’m still trying to figure out Twitter, but why not add another blog tool to the world of blogs and information. Whatever gets a few more hits right? Lets be friends on Tumblr?

The Christmas lights at our house are now ridiculous. Even when I see them I wonder how my Dad got the lights so high up on the trees. I’m egging him; on telling him that he needs to finally compete with the Red House down the street. We can blow them away, it is all just a matter of how much money my Dad wants to invest in lights; and how high he wants to push his electric bill.

He just needs some encouragement. I’ll tell him the neighbors keep asking about the lights, he’ll think he’s a celebrity.

We went to karaoke last night with Cullen. Not sure how I feel about it.

Might go see Brand New tonight?

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