If you are a true music fan, then you need to sign up for It’s brilliant.

So you signed up right? Great! Now you need to listen to music, and sync it with your Itunes. Your done right?

Spectacular! Ok so now your listening away, having the best time of your life, and BAM, your plays have been scrobbled onto your profile.

This gets interesting when you are seriously big into music, you get to lay out all the music you listen to and see which bands you truly listen to the most.

But wait there is more! Say you like to go to concerts, I mean you really really like going to concerts. Well suggests all the upcoming concerts in your area based off your music tastes. So for me, I know exactly what I need to request to review at the perfect times, laid out like music to my ears, so I never miss a good show.

Wait! WAIT! There is still more. Based on what your listening to, it will recommend you bands based off what your listening to within the week. So lets say I’m on a huge frantic metal kick, which I am, I suddenly have some really obscure recommendations of small-time, unsigned bands from all over the world.

Brilliant! I recently checked out Duck Duck Goose from Barstow, and after googling their album, I’ve been bopping my head while driving around Oakville, Georgetown, and Toronto.

If you like this stuff, then you will just be having the time of your life. Sills is probably shaking his head right now, but you know what Sills, after listening to Genesis in your office today, I need something to hit Blake in the face with a 2×4 too.

Music to my ears. Add me to here. And I apologize to the ladies and gents that already know about this.

Do you know what’s coming up? Thursday and Dillinger Escape Plan at the Mod Club.

You can buy tickets for that at here.

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