Twitter Guide Needed; Twitter Incidents

You know I thought I understood Twitter, I really did. But when you actually have to use it, it gets frustrating.

After the whole Twitter Fiasco of ’09, I have been scared of the damn thing. Mostly because I don’t want to get reamed out again.

See when I had a Twitter, I updated it with stupid stuff. Like what I was doing at that moment, or random thoughts I had. It was the ultimate M.B. show. Not that anyone was watching, I tried it out for a few months and then just let it collect dust in my FireFox history.

Now I say a lot of dumb shit. Hit the previous button a few times and suddenly your reading about rants on shows and its all about me being a grumpy asshole.

So now I’m on the Travis twitter, and I actually have to use it the way it was meant to be used. Mainly as a marketing tool. It freaks me out, responsibility, and I can no longer offend people. Well, I can, but on this blog. People actually have to choose to come to this blog, but if I’m just tweeting like a doucher, well, that is annoying.

So here it is, I’m sorry. I have underestimated the tool that is Twitter. And from now Twitter will be used for relevant information. I’m still learning everyone. I don’t even know what that # thing means.

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