Them Crooked Vultures Review

The super-group album is here, everyone take your socks off before entering, remember, super-group, big deal.

For an album that has the likes of Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters, cool guy Josh Homme of Queens of The Stone Age, and none other than John Paul Jones of Led Zepplin the album isn’t exactly ground-breaking.

It’s a pretty straight up rock and roll record with plenty of Zepplin and QOTSA influences, they just left out the direct melodies of The Foo Fighters. Plenty of crunch to the guitar tones, plenty of spacey vocal rhythms, plenty of head bobbing with sexy drunk club girls twisting their hips and flailing their arms.

I say it’s a rock record; but I guess it would be more of a “weird” rock record.

The whole time I just wanted Grohl to shred the vocals; mingling with Homme, but it doesn’t happen. But I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what they were going for.

The album itself isn’t exactly a radio friendly album either; there are plenty of instrumental breaks that would be pretty cool to see live, and the record is dance-ish enough to be played in bars and clubs and have enough people ask, “who is this?”

It’s rock, that’s what it is. But the album itself isn’t as memorable to be repeatedly picked up again and again. Regardless though this band will have a following. It’s good to hear Grohl on the drums, but I’ll say it again, give the man a microphone.

Homme’s vocals dominate the entire record and constantly gives off the QOTSA feel. The whole album sounds like a QOTSA record injected with a lot of dancey rock, but shifts gears at times and has that Zepplin feel.

It must be weird being in a band with a guy like JPJ. I wonder if he is still into this stuff, what he thinks of the record. The dude is old, he’s playing with kids, and in the back of the head he’s probably wondering when he can take a nap after band practice.

Oh well, it’s a good record. It would sell even if it was a shit record, but I can’t help but want more from these three people. I wish they just threw out everything they had ever written and started fresh and created something so mindblowingly different, kids would be shitting their pants.

Lets listen to the differences between a QOTSA song and a TCV song. More rock?

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