Youth In Revolt Preview, And Cera’s Mustache

So you watched the trailer right? You think I would be tired of the slew of Michael Cera films; films in which Cera effortless plays his awkward little self, with his awkward comments, his awkward stares, and his awkward little jokes.

But I’m not. Well, a little.

Cera looks to take a big step up in this one, not only playing himself, but playing an alter ego of himself. It looks like he is actually stepping out of his role and adding a mustache to his character, making him bad ass.

Fuck I wish I could grow a mustache.

Anyways, I think I’m going to see this one, the realm of movie-critics are  tired of Cera, so I wont check out the movie’s rotten tomato score before seeing it. Will it top super bad? I can tell you now it probably wont.

I wonder if Cera is in character all the time, or if he is just a huge douche-bag when off camera. Fuck that guy for stealing the awkward style off me.

Just kidding.

Sick ‘stache bro, what you hiding under there?


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