Head Over Heels.

But not in love, my friends.

Getting an early start on my Christmas shopping, my friends and I rolled into the Best Buy parking lot. Struggling to find a decent parking spot, we finally stumbled across an empty space towards the back of the lot.

Or so we thought.

The space was actually occupied, not by a car, but by a man standing up right, with his head between his legs.

First reaction: “What the fuck?”
Second reaction: Hysterical laughter.

Instead of reversing and continuing our hunt for parking, I put it in park, and sat there pondering what this man was up to.

Our laughter was cut off by some, at this point, mysterious white goo that dripped from his face.

Did I mention that this man was old? Like super old. 80 – 90, maybe. I was amazed that he was so frail to bury his face between his legs.

Anyway, he must have heard the collection of “OHHHH!’s” and “DISGUSTING’s” coming from my car because he looked up startled.

The classic deer-in-the-headlights look.

Except this deer was different. He had his index finger pressed forcefully against his right nostril, as his cold exploded through the left.

He was embarrassed. I was happy I found a parking spot.


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