So You Think You Can Dance Sheridan: Review

Phew, now that was an evening.

What I do appreciate about the entire night was the great new words I can add to my vocabulary. I really had no idea what a Popper & Locker was, or a what a B-Boy was either, until last night.

As for production of the whole evening, that was easily the coolest and fanciest event I have ever been to at Sheridan. As for me being much of a dance connoisseur; well, I didn’t really know what was going on.

There were a variety of different dances for everyone to enjoy; from belly dancers, to break dancers, and then this crazy caged animal routine that eventually won the entire competition. The flamboyant dance crew of what I’m pretty sure were theater students, stole the show with probably the most entertaining routine of the night.

Good for you, even though your costumes questioned my sexuality. I’m talking to you crotchless jean boy.

The judges I thought were harsh considering the competition was clearly a mix of amateurs and professionals. That’s ok though, all fun and games. Some dancers might not have been spectacular; but they still looked pretty damn cute in all those short shorts.

As for you Blake McGrath, I don’t think you and Bolton would get along very well. I think your friendship would just keeping falling flat, if you know what I mean. Thank you for gracing us with you presence, and tell Brittany Spears to call me back.

Don’t worry everyone, even though McGrath was harsh, I stole his Redbull at the end of the night. Sheridan will always get the last laugh.

So the general consensus of the night, it was really fun. I felt like I was at the real thing with all the photographers and cameramen running around. I would definitely go again, and if you missed out, well, there is always next year.

I’ll be in the hallways perfecting me half tilted-split legged arm band flip madoodle, for next year.

Photos will be posted when they arrive

Seacrest out.

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