Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster: Garbage

If Lady Gaga doesn’t have the melody, the lyrics, or even the sex appeal; well she will just have to be equal to a pop-stylized Marlyn Manson, just way worse.

Her tastes in fashion deserve a review itself, but lets take a listen to her new record.

For someone who grew up on music, the entire album is an embarrassment to her upbringing. The record is doused in electronic drum beats, and synthesized vocals. I question how much of the record was actually recorded with real instruments. Probably none of it. It’s over produced; and this will translate to a poor live show that lacks the energy and excitement any real band can bring.

The record is no step up from her previous effort, with this go-around being much darker, and less catchy. No Poker Face, no Just Dance, songs that I actually like. It’s all weird, sex-infused tracks that are boring which leave me wondering what she was thinking.

As for the message behind the record, well I get it. Your a messed up bi-sexual free-spirit, who likes to play dress-up. Get over yourself.

“He ate my heart, and then he ate my brain,” you have inspired me, inspired me to puke my brains out.

A wannabe Madonna, a pop-singer who is ogled at for a living. Gaga is doing a good job of course, having her butt vacuum sealed into outfits that shouldn’t fit on any human being. We still keep talking about her.

The singers attire is intended to be shocking. It’s supposed to leave people thinking, and thus keeping Gaga unforgettable.

I also wish Gaga had more sex appeal in her closet, and less freaky Halloween costumes. At least I would have something to look at while her vocals are auto-tuned live.

I compare Gaga to Manson just because of the fashion behind the diva. The real difference between the two; Manson will always be a significantly better singer, song-writer, and musician; despite his shock tactics.

The masses are buying this, and Gaga is selling records, or else Interscope would have dropped this garbage faster than the time I dumped my last girlfriend. I just wish Rolling Stone had more sense than to give this record a positive review.

At least Lady Gaga is nowhere near as horrible as artists like Jeffery Star, she hasn’t stooped that low.

It’s only a matter of time when Gaga stops getting this attention, and has to start biting heads off bats and stabbing her eyes out on stage. Please Gaga, please, stab mine out first.

  1. dont be so horrible how would u like it if u was Lady Gaga start putting urself in other peoples shoes u grumpy old hag

  2. Suck it, bring your grammar to the table next time you want to rumble.

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