Blake and I brought out the big guns for this assignment.

You know, that dreaded court assignment where students have to go report on a court case.

We both agreed that interviewing people with neck tattoos is less intimidating then approaching crown prosecutors, police officers, and families of the accused. Either way, we got it done.

We walked into the court house pretty much knowing nothing, and learned quite a bit. Where to go, who to talk to, how all this court junk works. This was a field trip for us, and in the lobby where everyone was being serious, we were giggling like little girls, having the best time ever

I never took law in high school so this was all new to me. I wore my presentable pants, a dress shirt, and a sweater. Blake wore a fancy purple dress shirt, we looked classy.

After that we went to Cora’s, it was delicious. Blake ordered this massive strawberry waffle thing that was coated in sugar and whipped cream, he was very full after it.

Now Mitro’s class is cancelledĀ  and I have an abundance of free time. I could write a profile that has been begging to be written up, but, getting video game tattoos is way more fun.

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