Tiger Tiger Tiger, How Could You?

Blake was right.

Domestic dispute, his wife bashed out his car window, bad things happened. Maybe alcohol was involved, who knows?

Either way, Tiger Woods, the squeaky clean Nike poster boy, one of the most wealthy athletes in the world, cheated on his wife.

That sucks, cheating sucks, this whole fiasco just sucks. I can’t imagine the pressure in that household right now. Probably a lot of crying, shouting, throwing of cutlery.

I was kidding about the cutlery.

But Tiger, don’t worry. Many others have gone through this before you, the only difference is your not hilarious and smooth like David Letterman.

    • Colin
    • December 4th, 2009

    Tiger Woods made a mistake. There is no way to sugar-coat it and no way to bend the facts as they emerge.

    Unfortunately, we all have to constantly hear about it.

    With an insatiable appetite the media has taken a simple domestic story, no different than the thousands that occur every day, and fed it to us as if only the knowledge of every intimate detail of that fateful night will sate our hunger.

    I for one am full.

    I don’t need to hear how his car rammed a tree, how his face is split open on the lip, how his wife was allegedly chasing him with a golf club, these are all simple matters between a man and his wife. Yes, perhaps the worlds richest athlete isn’t the greatest husband, who cares? Can he still drive a golf ball 400 yards and make a put from 50 feet? Then he’s good in my books. As far as I am concerned the man is a golfer and the moment he steps off the 18th green he is just an average joe. Albeit one who could buy and sell most of us many times over.

    Any time Tiger holds a press conference or does an interview it is simply a bonus and should be viewed as such. The man has no obligation to tell me what was going through his head while he made that drive on the 6th tee, or how the difference in grass length changed his shot in the 14th rough. He is great and has striven to be at the peak of his sport, not the front page of the tabloids. Yet simply because he can drive a golf ball farther than most of us he is forced to explain himself at every turn and it makes me sick.

    But, in my view, this is merely a part of a much larger issue in our culture concerning the level to which we raise our athletes and celebrities.

    Tiger, you did a shitty thing cheating on your (beautiful) wife, hopefully you are doing the right thing and working this out, between the two of you.

    Of course saying all this I have watched the one piece of coverage that explains everything so well I don’t need to read anything else. The Taiwanese CG re-enactment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i5FlC1MpkE

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