The Cubby Jackson Chronicles: Choir Practice

There is a reason why I haven’t written about Cullen in the last few weeks. The situation which was originally funny has now become annoying. The issues between Cullen and his room-mates isn’t what it used to be.

If this was reality show Big Brother, Cullen would now be getting voted out. But, this is real life, and money is involved and you just can’t walk away from rent payments.

Either way, examining my friend Cullen is still a good time. He is easy to talk about, and there is just so much to his personality that you don’t know where to begin.

Kelsey has become frustrated with this all. Cullen has issues remembering to lock the front-door to their house, which could get anyone’s blood going. It’s happened a few times, and he also seems to forget other important things that the average person would think are basic instincts.

He is around way too much, and too much of anything is a bad thing. It isn’t that Cullen is the worst person in the world, but when you see him there everyday, lazing, smoking, drinking, and complaining, well- you get frustrated.

The guy does a bunch of things that frustrate the two girls he lives with, probably without even knowing.

He asks that everyone use coasters on the coffee table, although he smokes pot in the house. He has no money for groceries, but still eats. He just seems to have this impression that this is a vacation, even though Victoria and Kelsey seem to be trying to live normal -respectable lives.

Victoria and I have been over-analyzing his word choices lately. He uses words like eloquent, admirable, and take-care all too often.

He is in-between jobs right now, and the amount of time that he spends at the Classington Manor is excessive. He is there all the time, lounging around in his white parachute chair, with his long flowing hair. He looks sad now, there is tension in the room. But, amidst all of this, he still has choir practice.

Cullen walks into the room where I’m sitting on the couch typing away like maniac. It’s a Sunday morning, he is wearing his Vancouver Canucks touque and brown suit-jacket.

“Hey Cullen,” I say.

He looks upset. He ruffles his jacket with his hands, stands up straight. He looks at his watch.

“I missed choir today,” he says. “I let them down again.”

“That sucks man,” I respond. “I guess you should have woke up earlier.”

Cullen sleeps like a rock. The guy will sleep in far past noon during the week, and often sits around in his pajamas till three in the afternoon.

He hangs his head low, I look at him, and take note of him standing exactly between the kitchen and the living room.

He likes the choir at the church in London. He always tells me they sing in four-part harmony, instead of three. His old church wasn’t down with such radical ideas.

He pulls out his pack of cigarettes, and walks towards the door.

Kelsey isn’t talking to Cullen right now, they have had some disagreements. Hopefully they can work their stuff out.

But for now, I leave you with their land-lords debut in stand-up comedy. Pretty great considering it was his first time!

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