Plumpy’ Nut

Here is some interesting facts for you on a Monday night. Ever heard of Plumpy Nut? No neither have I really, but after stumbling upon this I’m impressed.

In a nutshell, it’s like a peanut paste that are given out in silver packs to children that are suffering from malnourishment.  Apparently it tastes like a really sweet peanut butter. The packs contains crazy amounts of vitamins and protein. Each pack has a whopping 500 kilo-calories.

Translated that is 500, 000 calories.

If a malnourished child takes 2 of these every day for 2-4 weeks, it can save a child’s life.

I want to buy these and give them to my sister as peanut butter sandwiches.

This entry even had a punchline, just pointing it out.

Isn’t that crazy? Thanks Wikipedia!

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