Hello, Dr. Zabudsky, Let’s Chat

Sheridan has grabbed itself a new president. Bye-bye Dr. Turner — it’s been swell. It seriously has. 

Sheridan's new Pres, Dr. Jeff Zabudsky.

Hailing from the wilds of Manitoba, kicking it as the main honcho at Red River College, Dr. Jeff Zabudsky is coming to jump on the Sheridan throne in February. The doctor will be the college’s sixth president; Turner has held the college’s reins since 2001.

Stepping into the big shoes, Zabudsky had this to say about the next steps: 

“I’m elated by the opportunity to join Sheridan and play a part in the success of one of Canada’s most exciting and well-known colleges – particularly at such an important time for Sheridan. With its continual growth and imminent expansion into Canada’s sixth-largest city, Mississauga, Sheridan is poised for an even brighter future,” said Zabudsky, in a Sheridan press release. “I’m a firm believer that it’s the combination of applied and theoretical learning that makes Sheridan such an important part of our educational system. That’s a message I plan to carry forward as I take on this new challenge and build on the strong relationships Sheridan has forged with the communities it serves.”

Oh, stop it, you’re making us blush. But thank you, nonetheless. Well, doctor, here’s a fleecy welcome from TRAVIS: Welcome, good sir. Glad to have you.

Oh, and can we do an interview? Have your people contact our people. We can do lunch.


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