Bolton Emails


Get your content in ASAP, guys. I know your lives are busy, but we need to get your content in. Please let me know if you’re having problems and when you will have your completed work in by.
Remember to pass on the Personal Question segment too.
I look forward to the rest of your work, guys. Good talk, see you out there.

Ryan Bolton


I don’t know what to tell you dude. I just got a Sega Genesis for Christmas. I’m talking Sonic and Tails 2, NHL 93′, Batman Returns, and Spiderman vs. Kingpin. I’ve just cleared my afternoon. Where is my present from you?! Hm… Yeah, that’s what I thought. Sucka.

Michael Burton

  1. Bite me. And do your job. That’s what we pay you for. Stopping looking for presents, you ingrate.


    P.s. It’s not Christmas yet, stop opening your gifts, punk.

  2. You called me an ingrate and a punk within probably 30 words.

    I didn’t say anything mean about you!
    Except sucka, but that was hilarious.

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