Guest Bloggers, Class, and Laptops

I am constantly trying  to think of ways to do less work, and this is my new endeavor. After trying to con Kathy Muldoon into writing a guest blog, and failing, I think it would be fun if someone guest blogged. Maybe a faculty member? A teacher? A fellow student, hell I don’t care! Anyone at all, the call is out, and I am waiting for an answer.

Now I’m not saying to take over the blog, but you know, once in a while type thing. I have a job to do you know? Contact me in some way to do this.

On a different subject I think the teachers have had it with our constant facebooking and furious typing during class. It seems they actually want our attention, or maybe they just want us to learn. I give them credit though, they try hard. And they keep trying even with an audience who seems generally uninterested.

It is these teachers who desperately want us to learn who I could guess voted no to a strike. Blake and I stared down the jerks at the strike table today, gave them they evil-eye, if you know what I mean.

Back on topic now.

In my own defense, as I’m sure I am one of the main culprits in those whole crack-down situation, is that last semesters classes weren’t all that interesting. Facebook is so fun! How do teachers compete with the addiction that is Facebook!?

History? Law? These things didn’t really perk me up. I’m just being honest, not an ass-hole. And it looks like this years courses just might keep my attention. Three cheers for that, eh?

For the last month all I’ve wanted to do was work on refining style, maybe learn some new tips and tricks to deal with this world full of idiots who don’t respond to e-mails, phone-calls, and knocks on doors. It looks like we will get it, and so, I am happy.

The year is looking good. Hopefully I’m not speaking too soon.

    • Bryan Myers
    • January 13th, 2010

    I’ll do it, but I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do before I can start.

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