Sheridan College Strike: The Update

So they voted.

College instructors voted in favour of a strike mandate, although, according to the experts, they say that the possible walkout won’t occur until mid-February — a month away. Out of all the voting instructors from Ontario’s college’s, 57 per cent voted in favour of a strike. Talks will return to the bargaining table to see if both sides can come to terms.

For more on the story, because we know you are all eager to know what’s going on with your education, go here.

Don’t worry, Sheridan. Things, for now, seem to be OK. Let’s give it a month and see where we’re at.

  1. i hope they do go on strike students can always use a break from certain teeachers and classes.

    • Kel
    • January 27th, 2010

    I agree with Kyle. yes sheridan students need a break…..i hope they do go on stike

    • i disagree
    • February 8th, 2010

    workload from university is much harder then college, well from what i’ve seen in the two years i was there compared with the one year that i have attended sheridan. we don’t need a break, its pretty darn easy and we had extra time off compared to university students LOL. besides… a strike could push schooling into the summer, which could mean a loss of job opportunities for the summer workers, and people living off residence would have to some how spend extra to extend their stay. i think its retarded how teachers want a raise in a time of recession, and i pray for those that picket in my way when i go to school to get projects done

    • Lori
    • August 31st, 2011

    I’m an international student and I’m starting school this january!!!!….. I’m doing a lot of sacrifices to go to class in Sheridan and when I get there, there won’t be any teachers? ….I’m VERY worried.

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