Nonna Next Door: Nonna Hears Everything

So I basically ditched Dre this weekend for London. I needed a break from Nonna and so I just left Saturday morning. I’m back now, but Dre and Rob were telling me stories about all the crazy things Nonna did all weekend.

Walking past her room I noticed that her door was open, the room was dark, but the door was fully open. Her door is never open, ever.

We have a theory that she hates us, but for whatever reason it was open. Dre thinks it’s a sign, letting us know that she is watching us. The rents are gone for the weekend, so there is a new sheriff in town.

So I’m filling my water bottle in the kitchen, they are chatting up a storm with me about Nonna, and suddenly, out of nowhere she is standing in the kitchen. Her dyed brown hair, her concerned squinting eyes, and most importantly her broken English whispering, “ahlo.”

How did she sneak into this? I don’t know, we weren’t even talking that loud. She must have creeped down the stairs, with her little old lady slippers, purposely trying to be quiet.

You sneaky devil you.

My strategy to deal with Nonna is very different from Dre’s. I smile and nod at everything the woman says to me. Half of it is about food, the other half of everything she says is in regards to my video game playing habits, and how I should read more.

Smile and nod I suggest, smile and nod.

So as Nonna popped out of nowhere I decide to slip out of that situation and let them battle it out. Nonna was lurking in on our conversation. The conversation was about Dre going to China in the summer, without Robby.

According to Nonna, if Dre leaves for a month Robby is going to find himself another woman. Crazy Nonna, you don’t know that with the wonders of technology Dre can Skype call Rob everyday for free, and post pictures of her adventures from China. It will be like they never were apart.

Dre just dropped the bomb on Nonna that she is going to China regardless of what Nonna thinks.

This is getting interesting. Silly Nonna.

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