Travis Sits Down with Hail The Villain

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Bryan Crouch, singer and front-man of Oshawa band Hail The Villain.

Sitting above Connexion we chatted about the band’s sound, personal accomplishments and just cool people Crouch has met like Alan Cross, The CKY crew including Bam Margera, and Melissa Cross of The Zen Of Screaming.

“We’re a power rock band, there is anger, there is screaming, but we really focus on being a tight rock band,” Crouch said regarding the Hail the Villain sound.

HTV has been very busy, working on a live record including a music video and working on tour plans that would have them on the road starting up in the spring.

Check out the Hail The Villain Myspace! And come see them tonight at Connexion!

Their first North American tour started off with the cult-like class act CKY, a very difficult act to open for across America. “People love CKY, there is no doubt about it. You don’t play with CKY to beat them, you go there to earn respect from their fans,” he said.

“Bam joined the tour in Seattle and things went from pretty hectic, to just insane,” Crouch said laughing.

As Hail The Villain gained speed in the music scene Crouch descried his band as the introverted act, keeping to themselves so they wouldn’t fall into a specific niche, scene, or genre.

“When I was a teenager it was all about stardom, and as this all goes on you see how fleeting fame is, and how bands aren’t here for a long time,” he said.

“But we’re doing everything in our power to create this Hail The Villain universe, that’s what it starts out as, but it just moves onto being about a lifestyle.”

It’s paid off, and Hail the Villain has opened up for Billy Talent, recorded a full-length, and are now signed to American label Road Runner records.

And now, Hail the Villain is here at Sheridan College, and Crouch is excited to play here for the eager college audience. They are ready to put on quite the loud, fun, animated, and drunken show.

As for general words of wisdom to the Sheridan world, Crouch had one plain simple thing to say.

“These are the best years of your fucking life. Live it up and don’t ever leave. It’s too good to be true.”

There was a lot of enthusiasm in his voice.

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