If I Was a Glutton, This is Why I’d Be Fat

Poutine Cupcakes

Yes, yes, I did say it. Everything I love in the world into one delicious cupcake. I’m getting hungry.

The Double Coronary Burger

Forget the gym, forget running, forget looking good, if I could eat this and play PS3 everyday, well, lets just say I wouldn’t be motivated to do much else in my life. So this demon has tons and tons of bacon, four slices of processed cheese, two greasy fried eggs, mayo, lettuce and tomato, all between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Oh My God.


All I have to say is pretty colors. MMMMMM pretty colors.

The Meat Up

This is the one, to end the lives of all the small children Africa. Don’t be mad, but damn, this is what makes me happy in life. So lets start with a ton of ground beef, top it with two pepperoni logs, insert the Cheez Whiz, top it with a layer of bacon, then top it with a layer of mozzarella cheese, add some more bacon, garnish with meatballs and serve with brown gravy. Ladies and gentlemen, happiness has been found.

If you want more, head over to thisiswhyyourfat.com

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